December at the Library

The winter is a obvious time to hibernate with your children and a big stack of books. With all the time off school and time indoors, December is a great time to start some longer books, a chapter or two a day in front of the fireplace or in a pile on the couch. My ... Read More


More Than Books

If miles of books isn't enough, there are much more than books at the library. Even if your children are a little too big for preschool story time, there are plenty of upcoming after school, evening, and weekend programs for everyone at the Sonoma County libraries. When I moved to Santa Rosa more than five years ... Read More


Pumpkin Patch Play: Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch in Healdsburg

I'm not really a big pumpkin patch person. I see them along the road in October, and keep moving along. But we were invited by some friends to Grandma's Pumpkin Patch in Healsburg, and brought all of our children along to get their pants covered in hay and pick out some pumpkins. I think I've ... Read More