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There are few things better than picnic lunches in the backyard. Soon enough, I’ll get to include some tomatoes and corn from the garden. For dinner, I’ve been picking things that are fairly quick to cook, or at least don’t require heating up the oven for an hour or two, and seasonal vegetables from the farmers market.


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Monday: Sausages and Stuffed Tomatoes

Chicken sausages were on sale at Whole Foods, and I had some of those vine ripened tomatoes. I haven’t made stuffed tomatoes since we lived in the old house, and that time I accidentally took everything out of the inside of the tomatoes, instead of just the seeds. It was like biting into a big pile of sawdust, pretty much just an entire tomato stuffed with breadcrumbs. Oops. But, I followed this recipe correctly, and it turned out nicely.

Tuesday: Skirt Steak and Artichokes

Since I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago, I have not heard about anything else. I’ve been craving it, too, actually, and probably would have made it again soon even without the constant requests from the husband. But, I didn’t have any more skirt steak. I was at the grocery store, and actually bought the first container of packaged beef I’ve bought in months. It wasn’t even grass fed or anything! It ended up tasting okay, but it cooked differently than my CSA meat, there was a bunch of liquid in the pan after I cooked it, rather than needing to de glaze the pan right away. It smelled different, too, not the fill the house up with the scent of deliciousness smell. So, I’m doubly sold on the fresh, local, small farmed stuff.

When we started summer break, I was worried about the rhythm (or lack thereof) of our days would interfere with dinners. Between the unstructured, loosey goosey style of each day, and the late sundown, we’ve been getting to the table around 8pm. I usually like to get the kids in bed at 8, but after such a late dinner and books, it’s more like 9 when they get to bed. I suppose that’s not the worst thing in the world, but they do get the chance to sleep in a bit. But, we’re still doing well with dinners, however late they end up being.


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