"I Do Believe in Fairies!" And Summerfield Waldorf School’s Winter Faire Will Have You Clapping Your Hands, Too!


“It was easy to splurge on these as I  knew she wouldn’t mind sharing!” says my friend Karla donning her daughter’s purple fairy wings for our recent Soiree and costume party.  Her outfit was topped off with charmed glitter on her necklace and some fun fairy face paint.

Do you share Karla’s love for fairy magic?  It seems that the whimsical lore of fairies enchants people of ages!  In fact, two Sono-Ma featured artists dabble in the arts de fey.  Allow professional photographer and father Stuart Mitchell to take you on a visual tour of the works of local fairy artists Sharon Eisley and Marc Feyh.  Then come on out to Summerfield Waldorf’s annual Winter Faire to experience the wonder in person.

The Fairy Musuem with March Feyh

“Lean closer…” whispers Marc Feyh as he pours “fairy dust” or glitter into your hand.  ”Now take a deep breath, and blow!”  As your breath scatters the dust over a small woodland fairy’s home, magic begins to take place.   Don’t blink!  If you do, you might miss the tiny front door swinging open.  Then, little acorn lights begin to glow, a tiny lamp flickers on inside the house in one room, and, later, another room… the fairy has come home!  (Little do you realize that Marc – an engineer – has a remote control in his pocket and microchip processors orchestrating the fairy’s movement.)

Walking through Marc’s fairy museum, you’ll find magic abounds.  Stop in the gift shop, and you’ll find further evidence of Marc’s creativity and love for the world of fey.  Using driftwood, fallen forest bits, copper, and his technical skills, he’s concocted unusual items such as the “Fairy Apothecary” glitter mixing set.

Come and tour Marc’s fanciful creations during this weekend’s Winter Faire at Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm.  Marc’s last Fairy Museum showing took place at Sono-Ma’s March 2011 Soiree, and people are eager to experience Marc’s lastest curation.  If we’re lucky, Marc may reveal a new installation featuring a troll and his steaming couldron.

You can also get a sneak peak at some of the Fairy Museum gift shop items via The Fairy Museum website here.

Woodland Houses with Sharon Eisley

I love to flip through books like “Thumbalina” to see lovely illustrations of tiny fairy cups made from acorns, beds made out of walnut shells, and the like.  But nothing could be more fun than putting your own hands on fallen forest bits and repurposing them for some little sprite’s pleasure.  Sharon Eisley gives adults and children the chance to do just this with her popular Woodland House Workshops.

“I am always surprised by the creative uses of branches, lichen, and pine cone each person brings!” says Sharon.  One father built a fairy house with a spinning water wheel for his son.  One child built a hammock out of moss for a sleepy fairy…

Sharon Eisley, fine artist and master fairy house crafter, is building quite a reputation in the North Bay Waldorf Community.  The Berkeley Waldorf School recently hosted an “Enchanted Evening and Fairy House Walk” featuring Sharon and her student’s houses.   Sono-Ma’s Halloween Soiree featuring Sharon Eisley and her animeople paintings, also offered guests a mini tour of Sharon’s own Fairy House creations.

In this photo, Stuart Mitchell captures a guests leaning in to get a close look at Sharon’s well known attention for detail.  Just look at the curvy ladder she handcrafted as a staircase befit for the tiniest of toes.  Or imagine a winged creation kicking it’s legs on this swing!

Details such as these round windows encased in lichen often whispers of awe from viewers.

There is still room in Sharon’s Friday workshop for you!  Call her today to reserve your space at 758-4178 or email her at sharoneisley@sbcglobal.net .  Visit her adorable blogspot for more photos and stories here.

Summerfield Waldorf School’s Winter Faire

Have Stuart Mitchell‘s photos inspired you to see more?  Then come out and meet Marc and Sharon at Summerfield’s Winter Faire this weekend.  Sharon is offering her Woodland House workshop on Friday evening.  Marc Feyh welcomes you to tour the Fairy Museum both Friday evening (5-8pm) and Saturday (11-4).

Read more about all the whimsical fun in store at this weekend’s Winter Faire here.

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