Make a “Heavy Baby” with Waldorf Educator Grandma Mary February 12 and 19, 2012


heavy babies

Local Waldorf trained teacher, Mary Bowen, invites you to attend a special doll making workshop February 12 or February 19, 2012.

“Last year I attended a dollmaking class in Santa Cruz and learned to make what is called a “heavy baby”….they are filled with millet and lavender! I am very excited about these dolls!  They are very healing,” shares Mary exuberantly.

Mary’s granddaughter agrees that these heavy babies magnetically call to be held.  ”She immediately adopted the one I made…She carries it all over on her back and front and sleeps with it…”

Adults too can benefit from holding these lovely, soft, and weighty “babies.”  Dolls can offer comfort, create a space for people to show vulnerability, and hold intentions.  (Read more about this concept in Sono-Ma’s interview about soul-filled dolls with Christine Schreier – another local Waldorf doll maker.)

Plan for a day of laughter, story-telling, and old-fashioned hand sewing.  Then take home your own handmade creation, and continue the joy.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class…what a treat for me. You are like an angel and I hope to have many more interactions with you. When I got home on Sunday I brought the doll into the house in a blanket and my girls fell in love. My older daughter wanted it right away and then handed it to my youngest daughter to hold for a bit. They have been rocking her, singing to her…it’s very sweet. The only problem is that they are having trouble sharing her. They each had one night sleeping with the doll. I am hoping to take another class with you next month.” Cara, former class participant.

Class Details

Date: Saturday, February 12 and February 19, 2012 (This is a two day class.)

Time: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Location: Santa Rosa

Fee: $100.00 including supplies

RSVP: Mary Bowen at 707.542.1523

Further Details: Email Mary at

Additional Doll Making Classes with Grandma Mary

Mary often offers handwork classes.  Consider hiring Mary to help you and your friends craft a Waldorf doll, doll clothes, wool angels, “boo-boo babies” or other creations under Grandma Mary’s wing.  You’ll have the support of an experienced hand-work mentor who expertly weaves Waldorf parent education into her teaching.  Earning her name as “Grandma Mary”, Mary uses her kinds words, gentle smile, and supportive ear to help you create a beautiful, simple doll while simultaneously allowing you a safe space to explore the challenges of parenting and meeting a child’s developmental needs.

Doll Making Summer Camp

At the closing of each summer, Grandma Mary offers a special doll making camp for children aged 10 and older.  Combining a daily rhythm with time for imaginative play, hand sewing, singing, and playing, Mary gently guides children in bringing a traditional Waldorf doll to life while developing strengths such as self confidence.  The week-long experience culminates in a sixth day celebration designed for the whole family.  This celebration includes clothes making and a birthday party for the dolls.

See a previous summer’s brochure here. Be sure to let Grandma Mary know you’d like to be on her list for this summer’s potential camp by emailing her here.


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