Michaelmas Celebrations


Michaelmas nature table for blessing candle in Waldorf Kindergarten

“Courage. Michaelmas time is a season to draw up, recognize and cultivate courage. You are parents who have chosen a conscious path in raising your children. This ‘eyes open’ style of parenting requires bravery. This strength is evident in all of you. I see it every morning when you drop off your children. One way to cultivate courage is through gratitude and appreciation. When we acknowledge the gifts around us and appreciate the beauty at our feet we cultivate courage. ” writes our dear Waldorf Kindergarten teacher Sarah Whitmore.

As the season of summer’s bright light ends and winters darkness comes, many of us must draw from the light that shines from within.

“Michaelmas is a season, not a day…” explains Sarah, who prepared the children to welcome this season with wonderful handwork, baking, songs and stories.

“I am a knight, brave and true,

Bringing love to all I do.

I am a knight, brave and strong,

Courage fill me with your song.”

(find other Waldorf songs of Michaelmas here)

Michaelmas nature table and playscape in Waldorf Kindergarten

“Our indoor work will turn toward dyeing silks, yarn and wool for crafting throughout the year. Yellow will be the first color we work with. The gold of the sun resides in all those pretty summer flowers: Marigolds, calendulas, sunflowers etc. will help make the first dyebath. Tumeric will kick it up a notch to create a truly radiant yellow.”

“This silk will transform, as if by magic, into knightly capes of protection for Friday’s special circle,” shared Sarah earlier in the week.  Our loving teacher and her assistant spent hours this week sewing and ironing capes for the children.

Michaelmas cape of light made by teachers and students in Waldorf Kindergarten

Today the children made dragon bread, a treat to build courage. “It has been told that one bite of dragon bread will keep a person brave for a whole year. We will be sure to make enough for parents to get a good dose!”  says Sarah with a smile.

Waldorf kindergarten teacher serves dragon bread on Michaelmas in Santa Rosa, CA

I found a recipe to share here, although I think Ms. Sarah used her standard dough recipe with added almonds, papaya, and raisins for a decorative touch.

Close up of Waldorf kindergarten teacher serving dragon bread on Michaelmas in Santa Rosa, CA

Bring the Michaelmas celebration to your family!  Find ideas, resources and information on the Parenting Passageway here.

Waldorf Kindergarten child in his Michaelmas cape eating an apple

May you and your child find your way with your own inner light!


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  1. Mary Bowen

    Posted: October 12, 2011 at 3:55 pm |

    Dear Holly, Thank you for the wonderful Michaelmas images and inspirations….I love this season. In just a few days the Nurturing Arts training course begins again for the year…the theme is the Seasons, Festivals and Storytelling. This will be my last year of holding this course. Others will now be training Nurturing Arts practitioners in Colorado and the East coast. Love and Blessings to you Holly at this time of Michaelmas. Mary


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